Roll Bounce - 2005

Rated - PG-13
112 min.

So, I've seen this movie awhile ago, when it first came out. But recently, VH1 has been playing it almost every weekend. I thought it would be a good time to review it, seeing as I would put it in a rental level. Now you can watch it without renting it!
The movie is the perfect lazy sunday morning movie. It's quaint and warm hearted, while still being pretty funny. It is very steeped in 1970's period humor, which is fine by be. (I'm a huge fan of the 70's.) There's a good bit of humor mixed with drama, and the acting is way above what the movie "should" have. I was very suprised with... Bow Wow's... acting abilities. If you like rollerskating, the 1970's and Kool and the gang go and watch this one the next time it's on TV.
"The point is we tryin' to make: Don't mess with the Department of Sanitation or you will come up dirty! "


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