Up - 2009

Rated - PG
98 min.

Yet again, Pixar delivers. I keep expecting them to slip up somewhere, but they just don't. The movie revolves around an old man who has lost his wife and has decided to stay locked away from society. When a construction crew plans on kicking him out of his home he sets flight. The house flying on a billion balloons wafts through adventure. Think, around the world in 80 days meets Gullivers Travels. All he and his wife ever wanted was adventure, and he has found it! With the help of Kevin the female pehistoric bird, Dug the dog and a helpful boy scout they find themselves in a wild land of adventure!
The animation is beautiful! No, beyond beautiful. Each Pixar film seems to tackle one main fasset of their filming. Wall-e was the camera. With Up, it would seem to me that they were headed for texturing. Some of the close ups are simply astounding of how realistic the fabrics look. Yet somehow they retain their cartoon-ish feel.
Definatly go see this movie. The film is geared more towards adults which makes it all the better. and unlike Dreamworks, where adult means shit humor, with Pixar adult means heavy topics which children can still enjoy. Warning, (in all seriousness) you might tear up a bit in the beginning, if you're bringing a date, grab some kleenex! On the other hand, if you are with a girlfriend and have no intentions for commitment, probably avoid this movie, she'll be talking about marrige the whole ride home. Good hunting movie lovers!
"My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may speak. Squirrel! "


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