Eden Log - 2007

Rated - R
98 min.

So I was very excited for this movie, and not to hold back a a good review. I was let down. If you havent heard of it yet, watch the trailer, it's makes it look very interesting. Don't get me wrong, the movie's premise is interesting. A cross of Resident Evil with Crank and a very indepth plot. The acting is fine, for what they're working with. Same goes for the special effects, they come off very... "television budget". But again, for what it is... it's fine.
The two things that suprised me where these:
1. Whats up with France and horror/survival movies all of a sudden? (Forgot to mention this movie is originally French.) I have seen acouple movies recently with this same kind of plot comig from France.
2. With CGI and 3D graphics becoming more and more life like, the video game industry is taking a huge chunk of the financial film pie. This is the first movie that I have seen where I honestly thought I was "watching" a video game. Not watching a movie based on a video game. But honestly the cinematography and chosen camera angles could have been ripped straight from a game. Even the progression of the plot is video game-esc. Battle, survival, plot, battle,... etc...
It might be worth a rainy day torrent download... that is if you've beaten all of your video games already.


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