Punisher - War Zone - 2008

Rated - R
103 min.

Personally I don't know why they decided to do a remake, of the remake... they already did?...
I enjoyed the 2004 Punisher movie. It was a bit hokey and very comic book-ey. But all in all it was fun. This movie was fine as longas you know they are pandering to the Mature audiences. Swearing and gore, not too much sex. Mostly ridiculous blood and gore. Some of it was fun and laugh out load painful. Other bits were just stupid, places where that amount of blood didn't need to be. The story was kind of weak, but no more weak than the last punisher. It's the punisher?! Really how many stories are there?
Man loses family, he kills people cause he's lonely.
On a side note, the little girl in the movie I ended up really feeling for. They did a nice job of showing a relationship of how Frank Castle wants his family again and tries to live vicariously through the other family.
"Wait, wait! My husband, Nicky. We talked about you. Argued about you. He said you were one of the good guys."

RENT IT (on the lower end of rental, close to trash it.)

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