Terminator 4 - Salvation - 2009

Rated - PG-13
130 min.

I went to this one thinking I would totally deadpan the review. It was suprisingly entertaining. Don't get me wrong, it was most definatly an action film, no bones about it. But thats not always a bad thing. I know I would have liked more of a plot and more in depth character development, but beggers can't be choosers. It was suprising how well the movie links up with the first in the series and I heard that they've already green lighted a 5th and most likely a 6th to round down the Terminator story. So for sure... (excuse the sad joke...) "They'll be back...!"
This series really has become the "Star Wars" to the action inthused. I would have liked Christian Bale to have brought more to the table, but the actor who played Kyle Reese, Anton Yelchin, was perfect for the role. I of course mention his name, because he was SO good for the role, that I hope people keep their eyes on him. He also played chekov in Star Trek, and we can explect to hear much more from him in the future!
So I'd say a solid summer time rental. If you are so inclined go see it in the theathers, but I'm sure that there is something better out... maybe...
"Two day old coyote. It's better than three day old coyote."


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